Thermal printers like this label printer are widely used in retail environments where there are a large number of labels, tickets and receipts due to their printing speed and profitability. In any case when choosing a printing device it is worth checking the needs of the business.

Surely if you work in the retail sector, in a shop or in a restaurant you know what direct thermal printing is. It is a device that uses heat as a medium to produce the image or text on paper so no ink or toner is needed. However to print it is necessary to use heat sensitive paper or labels that react to the heat sent by the printer.

This form of printing is very beneficial for certain sectors thanks to advantages such as:

Great printing speed

Because their print heads produce pictures in milliseconds thermal printers may print at far higher rates than other types of printers. Customers receipts and shipping or packing labels may be printed more quickly thanks to this capability.

Reduced printing costs

Businesses may save money on consumables by using heat to react with paper instead of cartridges. Paper is the sole commodity required for thermal printing which is very lucrative and often offered in roll form.

Simple handling

Users can start using the printers without prior training so the cost of switching to this technology is low thanks to its quick start up. Paper replacements are simple and fast resulting in a few downtimes in document production.

Low maintenance cost

Thermal printers contain fewer moving parts than other types of devices making them more durable. In addition maintenance costs are significantly lower since it does not require consumables and they rarely break down. This prompts a decrease in the all out cost of proprietorship.

Greater robustness

This is because they contain fewer moving parts to operate so they can work in environments with vibrations. These printers can be used continuously by employees since jams and breakdowns are less frequent. They are equipment that usually has certifications for resistance to falls and dust.

Compact size

This type of equipment being used mainly for printing tickets or purchase receipts does not need to be large in size so its dimensions can be quite small favoring mobility.


Thermal printers often have Bluetooth or WiFi, which are becoming more and more common in addition to USB connectors for receiving data from the computer.

A thermal printers cost varies according on its features and size. Nonetheless the price of the required supplies such paper or some of its components keeps each kind of printer with these features at a same level. However it is important to keep in mind that the environment in which the paper is kept including temperature and humidity will also affect how long the print lasts in addition to the equipment and its consumables. In any event it is important to consider the demands of the company while selecting a printing equipment

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