In his blazing Mark Zuckerberg Just like a Twitter user surfing the web we are introducing a new platform. It is desktop compatible and available to the public. A new logged in online experience is now live allowing you to publish thread see feed and engage with other user. The vestment platoon is working hard to provide druggie with a high quality experience and make mobile equal. In the next week we will be adding more feature to the web interpretation.

Threads New features:

  1. Join a direct message discussion on Instagram. 
  2. Make reference to other person in your discussion with ease by using the new citation button.
  3. Preview your uploaded images and videos with the alt textbook description that were prepared automatically. 

Thread added the option to see liked post in setting and sort follower by latest or earliest first in the desktop edition.

Language Setting & Writing:

Automatic restating of them according to the writer language and the viewer language setting is now a feature of the Desktope interpretation. On the other hand you may access restatement option for your language by tapping the button located in the bottom right of the message or reply. If you come across a thread that is written in a language other than your own.on the Board.

Tune Out the Noise on Threads:

Desktop version of Thread with feature to facilitate constructive dialogue In the updated Thread you have more control over who may mention you and react to you. To prevent certain term from appearing in response to your Thread you may use sheltered word much like on Instagram. Thread three finger menu allow you to unfollow block circumscribe or report a profile Instagram account your already banned will be automatically blocked in Thread. 

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