A topic that has been the Subject of Debate for a long time is whether it is Better to buy or build a PC. Today more and more people advise on Building your own PC but you need to ask yourself if the Benefits of customization and lower costs are worth the time and effort you will invest. If you are looking to invest in your first PC we Understand how that can be a Difficult decision since both Option have their pros and Cons.

Ultimately it boils down to three things: the Amount of time you are willing to spend your Budget and Personal preferences. In this article we break down some of the things you should Consider as you decide between Buying or building your own PC.

Building Your Own PC

Building your own PC from scratch Can be a Daunting task Especially if you lack Experience with Hardware Components. You will also need to set aside Enough time to conduct Research and look for Specific Components. Additionally you will have to Dedicate time to Build the PC and Handle potential problem that you may Encounter. The good news However is that today the process of Building a PC is easier as information including step by step tutorials is now easily Accessible. 

Here are some of the Advantages of building your own PC:


A pre Built PC limits you to the Available parts and Designs at the time. A Custom build on the other hand Give you the Freedom of choosing the parts you Would like for your System and Tailoring the PC to your specific Needs. 

Knowledge of Your System

As you Build and fine tune your PC your knowledge of the basic Computer hardware improves, and this is a Fantastic skill. Learning these basics means you Understand every aspect of your System and will be able to Pinpoint the root cause of the issues you may run into. 


Building your own PC is Undoubtedly the way to go if you are Operating with a tight Budget. Selecting your own parts means Shopping around for the best Bargains and Avoiding the Additional cost of paying for parts you will not Use. It also Means saving on the Premium labour Costs that come with purchasing pre built System.

It is however Essential to remember that Building your PC has its Downside. 

  • Time: The process is time consuming. You will need to set aside Several hours for Researching and Assembling the Component. Also, you will likely Encounter problem as you build your System and Spend even more time fixing Them.
  • Warranty: Sourcing the components yourself Means that different part will have different Warranties. As a result you may run into issues in the Future. Even worse used Components may not come with any Warranty.

Buying a PC

If you do not have the luxury of time do not feel Guilty. While you may end up Spending more getting a pre built Gaming PC has some Benefits. 

  • No Work Required: A pre built system has Everything done for you. The Manufacturers found the component checked their Compatibility and turned on the PC to ensure it works. This way you do not need to spend hours Putting the PC Component together or trying to troubleshoot problems you know Nothing about.
  • Warranty: You will spend more on a pre built system but this Means you get the added benefit of a warranty. This way the company will be liable for Damages or Malfunction.

Like building a PC buying a PC also has its Disadvantages. One is that you Spend more than you would if you built your own System. It will also be harder to Customize the PC. Ultimately it all comes down to what your Priorities are.

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