Advances in technology have brought up new Strategies for con artists preying on the Gullible. There have been rumor going Around lately about a phony robocall purporting to be from a police charity. This Dishonest plan seeks to coerce participants into Donating money or personal information under false pretense. 3605239052 is one such reported Number Connected to this scam. We’ll go into the specific of this scam in this post and offer advice on how to keep ourself safe from Falling for similar con Game.

Understanding the Scam with 3605239052: 

The recorded message that opens a fake robocall with the number 3605239052 usually seems to be from a police charity. The message may use a variety of strategies such as highlighting support for Wounded police officer or dead heroe to arouse Empathy or a sense of urgency. The next step asks recipient for personal information or a gift Ostensibly to further the charity mission.

Red Flags to Watch Out For:

Unsolicited Calls: Be wary of Unsolicited call from unknown number especially those claiming to Represent charitable Organizations.

High-Pressure Tactics: Scammers often use high pressure tactics to manipulate recipient into making Hasty decision. Be cautious of urgent or emotionally Charged appeals for Donations.

Request for Personal Information: Legitimate charities typically do not request sensitive Personal information such as Social Security number or banking Detail over the phone.

Refusal to Provide Details: If the caller refuses to provide detailed information about the charity it mission or how Donation will be used it may be a sign of Fraudulent Activity.

Protecting Yourself from 3605239052:

Verify Before Donating: Before making any donation research the charity Thoroughly to ensure it legitimacy. Look for review rating and information from Reputable sources.

Do Not Provide Personal Information: Avoid providing personal or financial information over the phone unles you are certain of the caller identity and Legitimacy.

Report Suspicious Calls: If you receive a suspicious robocall or Encounter any fraudulent activity report it to the appropriate authorities such as the Federal Trade Commission FTC or the Better Business Bureau BBB.

Block the Number: If you receive a robocall from the number 3605239052 or any other Suspicious number consider blocking it to Prevent further Contact.


Scams such as the fake police charity robocall Associated with the number 3605239052 are Designed to exploit individuals Generosity and Trust for fraudulent gain. By remaining vigilant Recognizing red flags, and taking proactive measures to protect yourself you can avoid Falling victim to such deceptive Schemes. Remember to verify the legitimacy of any charity before making Donation and report Suspicious activity to authorities to help Prevent others from being Targeted by similar Scams.

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