FC 24 is a continuation of the cult football simulator which although released under a new name is familiar to many fans of this sport who want to take part in the world sport themselves influencing the outcome and playing against other players.

Everyone’s level of play is different and that’s why there are so many different divisions that distribute players to make everyone feel comfortable. You can increase the level of your league using the Skycoach service or start applying tips that will help you do it yourself.

Gathering of players:

You will constantly be in a race for better performers than those you currently have.

This is due to the fact that the chance of getting world-class players is quite small, and there are too many good players to stop at just one.

Just keep an eye on the player’s characteristics – his speed, endurance and level of teamwork with his partners.

How it works?

  • Speed is the pace he can develop. The higher this indicator, the faster you can run with and without the ball, which will help create more dangerous moments and take the ball away from even the most active opponents.
  • Stamina – You may notice that each player has a stamina bar, which corresponds to the amount of quality acceleration that he can afford. If you spend the scale too actively, it will quickly be spent, but will only be partially restored – which is why you should not always use acceleration. The better the player, the higher his stamina bar and the speed of its recovery in the match, but such players still need to be replaced due to fatigue, especially if he does more than his partners in important matches.
  • Level of teamwork – at the moment of forming the playing lineup, you can notice the degree of interaction between these players. A good team will understand each other instantly, while a bad team will prevent them from playing well in their positions.

Good players need to be bought in the transfer window for FC 24 coins, or open a large number of game sets, which can also be purchased for various game activities, or received for tournaments from EA Sports.

Strategy and Tactics:

Usually the game creates a standard 4-3-3 formation for everyone, which you can start using and master, or try different approaches depending on your comfort and game situation.

You can change strategies during the match, depending on your goals, or before it.

4-3-3 is a standard formation without any risks. You have a stable defense, field control and three forwards.

In case your players are sent off, or you need to hold the score without much opportunity to attack, then simply switch to a 5-4-1 format, or another depending on how the match is going.

You should not constantly sit on the defensive and, at any opportunity, go on a counterattack, otherwise your score may deteriorate greatly.

 If you are willing to risk a change in the lineup, then move one of the defenders to midfield and then your forwards will receive more support for developing attacks, but in this format you weaken the flanks and risk counterattacks from your enemy.

Use short and long passes:

In order to control the ball and change your tactics instead of just giving the initiative to the enemy.

Simply use the Barcelona strategy of the Guardiola era to implement tiki-taka as one of the game tactics, where you stretch the enemy defense with quick passes and force them to waste their reserves of strength while you look for weak points and prepare an attack.

Long passes are when you make a weak shot forward on your teammate’s turn and intercept it before your opponent.

Use awnings:

Some players ignore crosses, although this is another type of pass as a way to deliver the ball to your partner.

Sometimes, in order to transfer the ball to the other flank after you have pulled some of the defenders towards you, it is better to do this with the help of a cross.

Different moments to strike:

Many players think that in order to score a goal you need to wait for the perfect moment – this is not true, especially since there will be practically no really good situations for a shot – you need to create them yourself and often shoot from awkward positions.

For example, you can shoot from the flanks if you maintain the line of movement of the player with the ball so that you look at the opposite post.

For example, you are running from the top left of the field, then you need to aim at the lower post, and then you will have a good chance to score a goal from the corner of the goal.

Nobody forbids you to feint and make your way to the goal through passes and personal skills to beat your opponents.

The main thing is not to overdo it with the impact force and always stop at half, or 75% of the impact force scale.

Use flanks:

Sometimes the best way to bypass enemy defenses is to break through the flanks using speed.

This is an advantageous method, because if your opponents try to knock the ball away from you, they will take it out, and you can again play out your attack.

If you have fast players, then you can break through to the opponents’ side of the field and either play the ball with partners who arrive in time, or shoot it yourself.

Make replacements in a timely manner:

You need to rotate tired players to maintain the pace of the match, or conversely refresh your attacking and defensive game.

Sometimes you can simply change those positions on the field that your opponent replaced in order to maintain the balance of power. The more cheap FC 24 coins you invest in your lineup, the stronger the performers you will get, and sometimes you won’t even need replacements.

If the match is going poorly, and you are unable to carry out attacks, then simply make substitutions after the break and try to turn the situation in your favor.

You can move the striker to a different position and change the formation to increase pressure on the opponents’ goal, but remember that such unconventional tactics are best used in bad situations, and not always, because they are difficult to implement, and you need to have a good playing composition.

Conclusions on tips and tactics in FC 24:

As a beginner, it is important for you not only to be able to get performers and earn FIFA 24 coins, but also to master the tactics of behavior on the field. Try rearranging formations in individual non-tournament matches to find your optimal tactics against equal players and those whose lineups are superior to you. Don’t forget to keep the ball and the initiative in matches – this directly affects your chance of scoring a goal.

You need to be able to play passes and use crosses, adjust your tactics depending on the game situation, use the flanks correctly and make timely substitutions in order to maintain strength and potential for new attacks on goal.

The article was prepared and presented by Skycoach.gg

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